Our Allotment

About twelve months after Jack had moved in with me, I came home from work one day and he said he'd had a phone call from the council. I initially had a little panic but was over the moon to find out that we had been offered an allotment! Apparently Jack had put his name on the waiting list when he first moved in, but did not expect to get one so soon. 

When we went to see it it had clearly been neglected and was so overgrown, but we soon started work and it started to take shape. The access to the the plot isn't the easiest as it's down a footpath and across a railway bridge, but when you open the gate in the hedge and step inside it's like being in a secret garden. Which is lovely, but when Jack decided he wanted a greenhouse and a shed, carrying all the heavy panels across certainly led to a fair bit of bickering!

We've had great success with what we've grown, and our fair share of failures too. We inherited raspberry, redcurrant and gooseberry bushes, a pear tree and a plum tree and I salvaged six strawberry plants from the overgrowth before we dug it over. We've grown lots since we started, but my favourites have to be the butternut squash, beetroot and borlotti beans. We even had a 10ft sunflower pop up out of nowhere last year! 

Keep following my blog to keep up to date with everything that we grow and what we make with it. I'll make sure to share the recipes too :)

This is what we started with!!!!

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