National Sewing Machine Day!

Today is National Sewing Machine Day 2020! 

Up until a few days ago, I never even knew we had a national day to celebrate the humble sewing machine - it was only when I was was trawling the internet to come with ideas for my blog that I found out about it. 

Thinking about it, the sewing machine has been part of our history for a significant amount of time with the first one being invented in 1790 by Thomas Saint. He applied for a patent but his design was never put in to production. Many years later, in 1874, his designs were found by William Newton Wilson. He made some adjustments to them and the first working model was made. This machine is now on display in the London Science Museum and we have come a long way since then!

I'm slowly building collection of machines, but in the photo you can see my little trusty Singer (my 30th birthday present that started off Purple Impey!), my beautiful Toyota embroidery machine and my beast of a Juki overlocker. 

When I can go back up to my mum's after the coronavirus, I'll photograph their old Singer machine which I learnt to sew on when I was a child. It was made in an era where machines were built to last and more than 50 years later it still sews like a dream. 

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