Welcome to the beginning of my blog! 

Whilst my website and my social media are primarily about my little business, my blog will let you get to know all of us and our lovely country life...albeit from a two-bed terrace. So let's start with a few introductions...

First of all I'm Mhairi, the silly little human with big ideas and not much of a clue how to put them in to practice (other than just winging it!). You can find out more about how Purple Impey started on the 'About Me' page but in terms of getting to know me, here's the place to be. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Psychology and Counselling and have had a good career in the public sector, but really enjoy the balance of now working in a school three days a week and running Purple Impey.

I grew up with an absolute menagerie of animals and when I bought my first house in 2011 (a tiny two bed Victorian terrace), I couldn't imagine not having a pet. Enter Ruby and Mango, my two rescue cats. Ruby is an absolute princess whereas Mango is the hardest, funniest little character I have ever met! The list of 'gifts' he has brought me includes lots of things bigger than him...

Jack and I met in 2015, and he already had our beautiful black Labrador, Marley. Marley is my little slice of heaven, which was much needed when we added another four feet to our collection, in the name of Bentley. Bents is our fox red Labrador who we re-homed at ten months old...and our lives have never been the same! Most people aren't sure how we have survived him, but we do love him (someone has to!). 

The last two introductions are for the ones who don't physically fit in to our home, my beloved horses. Following in Impey's legacy are Rolo and Harris. Rolo is my riding horse who I've had for nearly four years now, and last October we got him a little sidekick Shetland! Harris is a rescue pony from the Blue Cross (yes there is a running theme here, and no, I'm not allowed near anymore rescue centres for quite some time!) and he has the biggest character! 

So that's us! Follow my blog to hear our adventures along the way, get home styling ideas and read all about our allotment and Jack's amazing cooking. Be the first to see my new designs and products, and feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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