• Autumn!

    Autumn is creeping in! 🍂
  • Raspberry jam!

    Our raspberry bush has gone wild this year so I've been making lots of jam. This is a first for the raspberries as they don't usually make it home because they're so tasty they've normally all been eaten before we leave the allotment!
  • Our Allotment

    Find out about the very beginnings of our allotment journey; one that I never expected but have loved every minute of!
  • National Sewing Machine Day!

    National Sewing Machine Day 2020!

    Up until a few days ago I didn't even know we celebrated a national day for the humble sewing machine, but there's a longstanding history for our nation's love of sewing so why wouldn't we?! 

  • Introductions...

    Welcome to the beginning of my blog, which introduces you to myself, my normal human and our collection of four legged friends! Follow us to keep up to date with our adventures, our life in the country and Jack's amazing home cooking.